Global Positioning Systems (GPS) & Global Informational Systems (GIS)

Power Points:

Satellite Reading Lesson.notebook This is a satellite online power point presentation. This site explains the usage of satellites. Nova has an online game to help with the understanding of GPS units.
[[ ]]This site by HowStuffWorks is loaded with video and other knowledge to give you much more than you need to know. The video might be an interesting way to explain how GPS works to your students, if you have the capability to show them video from the
The people who run this site are gurus on answering any and all questions regarding GPS, receivers, and much more. I have found this web site extremely helpful. They even give many helpful suggestions regarding what features you should look for in a GPS receiver. Geospatial Revolution Video Saving the Saiga with GPS! (article) Rat Radar: Rodent uses Natural GPS (article) Technology Drives Global Treasure Hunt: article